Lines in praise of Tara I wrote upon qualifying as a counsellor.


The single face of the Chief Lady is the application of the integrative approach on all occasions.

The golden colour of her body is abundance as a state of Mind.

Her two hands are two perspectives, the client’s subjective experience and reality-checked truth.

Her wearing of all ornaments is the completion of a BACP gold-standard accredited course.

Her right hand in the gift bestowing gesture is the offering of a tentative hypothesis.

Her left hand in the protection gesture is her willingness to challenge unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour.

Her right leg stretched out is her tireless impulse to go out to clients.

Her left leg drawn back is her maintenance of boundaries and her own well-being.

Her holding of the lotus blossom is her demonstration of the principle of self-actualisation.

Her being sixteen years of age is her connection to the constantly replenishing professional body of counsellors.

Her throne of the orb of the moon is her self-possession in the counselling room.

Her throne of a multi-coloured lotus is the perennial beauty of unconditional positive regard.



This is based upon verses written over 1500 years ago by a man called Nagarjuna. I guess I wrote them feeling inspired by the occasion and by the possibilities opened up to me by this image.

Keeping an image of yourself and your highest potential regularly in your mind is a great way to remain positive through difficult times. I had some very tough times during the course but remain deeply grateful for what I have learned and pleased with myself for having stuck with the challenges.

If you would like help to imagine who you could become and what your next achievement might be, come and see me. We will dream together…

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