Can counselling help YOU?…

Counselling can be highly effective at helping you to deal with many of the different kinds of psychological and emotional difficulties that arise during the course of your life. Through our initial meetings we will develop the trust necessary to really open out and investigate what you believe is the situation you are facing and what your ‘feeling body’ is telling you is at stake. It might be that you have lost someone close, have relationship difficulties, have lost your job, have debt problems, addictions or compulsions are wreaking havoc, depression or dissatisfaction have arisen in your life, or you just don’t feel fulfilled or inspired by what life has to offer. These are general titles of some of the more common areas of distress that can bring someone to the counselling room. Your particular situation will be individual and unique. Our job together will be to understand what is happening in your life and the factors involved, to kindly look at what is hurting you and why and to discover any points of freedom that might be available to you.

My approach as an integrative counsellor essentially means that I can draw from a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to find any resources or methods that look likely to be effective. The way our conversation develops is likely to indicate what will work. We may look at the way you are relating to your ‘problem’, or gently delve into your history for causes of the present situation, or witness the feelings you have and allow them to move on. It may be appropriate to give you opportunities to challenge yourself but it also may be crucial that your difficulties simply meet total acceptance. The magic of the counselling room is that very often, if we both have the courage and commitment to communicate honestly, the way ahead will become clear.

I am very influenced by many years of mindfulness practise. I will regularly draw your attention to the stillness and peace that we will cultivate together as we enter into the counselling dialogue.